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    Many people who rent in Massachusetts often need to move out prior to the end of their lease. Whether you have purchased your first home or are moving to another city, can help.

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    Terms Of Use


    Any and all technical problems with the Service, uncertainties regarding it’s use, or other queries may be sent via email to

    Key Definitions

    Service – is a platform to connect residential tenants who wish to assign, sublet, or terminate their lease with qualified replacements that may be acceptable to their landlord.  The website allows Users to post and search for apartments, as well as contact those who have posted. The website and platform combined constitute the “Service”

    User – A “User” is any person or any thing, including robots and web crawlers, that accesses the website.

    Poster – A “Poster” is a User who uses the Service to post a Listing of their apartment lease which they are seeking to find a replacement for.

    Prospect – A “Prospect” is a User who uses the Service in order to search for available Listings, and contacts a Poster regarding the availability of a Listing

    Listing – A “Listing” is a residential apartment lease listed by a Poster for the purposes of finding a replacement tenant, a Prospect, to take over their lease.

    Landlord – A “Landlord” is the owner of the residential dwelling unit for which a Poster creates a Listing.

    Privacy Policy

    The Service must obtain certain information provided by the Users for identification, quality assurance, and to allow for interaction between Users. Any personal information that is stored, will be kept in our secure database. When communicating with other users, you may be asked to provide your phone number or other information.  If you would like your Listing or User profile to be removed from the Service, please contact

    General Terms is whole owned by Subleti, LLC, a Massachusetts Limited Liability Company. The TERMS OF USE and the relationship between the Users and the Services shall be goverened by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The failure of to enforce any entitlement in management of the Service shall never constitute a waiver of such entitlement.

    Responsibility By Users

    The User agrees that the Service shall be utilized in the way that it is intended to, and shall not use the Service for any other malicious or non-malicious intent. It is the responsibility of the Poster to gain approval of the Landlord for the marketing any Listing, and the Service and Subleti, LLC bear no responsibility for any of the information uploaded by the Posters.  All Users, including Posters, Prospects, and Landlords, are required to act with integrity at all times, otherwise they will be removed from the Service.


    If any provisions of the Terms Of Use is found by a court in a competenentjurisidciton to be invalid, the parties nevertheless agree that the court should endeavor to give effect to the spirit or intention of the provision, and the other provisions of the Terms Of Use remain in full force and effect.

    Site Usage

    Accessing and utilizing the Service shall constitute an agreement by the User of these Terms Of Use. It is the sole responsibility of the User to periodically review these Terms Of Use. If a change to the Service is made, it is the responsibility of the User to review the change by periodically checking, and if the change is unacceptable to the User, they must cease using the Service immediately.

    Limitation of Liability and Subleti, LLC is in no way, shape, or form liable in any way whatsoever for any type of damage that a user may cause to themselves or others, whether the damage be personal or property.  This includes any damages caused before, during, or after the use of the website. All Users agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Service and Subleti, LLC, its officers, employees, owners, contactrators, subsidiaries, or afilliates from any and all claims made against Subleti, LLC due, in part or in whole, to the use of the Service and website. Subleti LLC does not endorse any unlawful or unintended use of the Service.

    Fair Housing

    All Users agree to abide by Fair Housing Laws in their use of the Service.

    Lead Paint

    All Landlords are required to disclose known lead paint issues in a dwelling unit which they own, and must provide the Lead Paint Certification in the event a transaction is effectuated following use of the Service.


    All Users must be 18 years or older.  Only those who live in or own a dwelling unit may post a Listing.  A Poster may only create one Listing, which would be their primary residence. Landlords may create multiple Listings, assuming they own the property for each Listing. Third party users, including real estate brokers and salespeople, are prohibited from using the Service.


    It is the responsibility of each User to understand and protect against all risk and liability that may stem from using the Service.