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Subleti – What is it?

Published on January 20, 2019 by dev is a platform that allows tenants who seek to break their residential lease with a qualified replacement tenant for their landlord. It’s as simple as this, life changes and you may need to move quicker than your lease allows. Say for example you got a job in New York starting in July, but your lease in Boston doesn’t end until September. Can you afford to continue paying the rent on the apartment you no longer live in? Most cannot

The best course of action is to find someone to sublet your apartment, assign the lease to them, or best yet, terminate your lease and allow them to sign a new lease with the landlord. All three options provide varying levels of liability limitation. For example, if you sublet your apartment or assign the lease, the new tenants failure to pay rent or damages they cause to the apartment could be your responsibility. If the lease is terminated and the new tenant signs a new lease with the landlord, you are officially off the hook.

Life changes, move on!
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