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    Many people who rent in Massachusetts often need to move out prior to the end of their lease. Whether you have purchased your first home or are moving to another city, can help.

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    March 19, 2018 by aaronb

    Information for Landlords

    Photo by Manny Sanchez, @manny.sanchez.shotz

    This page was created to give Landlords information about how this site works, and how landlords and tenants can utilize it when a tenant wants to break a lease. works as a platform to allow your renters to find a qualified replacement for the apartment or home that they rent from you when they need to move out.  If they desire to move out prior to the end of their lease, they post the apartment for rent on this site, and are required to say whether or not they have your permission as landlord to do so.  Simply put, we make the process of lease terminations, assignments, and sublets easier by helping both the existing tenant and the landlord find a qualified replacement.  The site allows your tenant to do the heavy lifting of listing, holding showings, and finding a replacement. They are required to state whether or not they have your permission to do so when they list. any landlords that wish for their property to be removed, simply email and we will do so.

    In Massachusetts, Landlords have an obligation to seek a replacement tenant, should their existing tenant desire to break the lease early.  Our platform saves you time and effort while allowing you to uphold your duties as a landlord.

    For any and all questions, please email

    Landlords may also use this service to post apartments or homes that are available for rent.