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    Many people who rent in Massachusetts often need to move out prior to the end of their lease. Whether you have purchased your first home or are moving to another city, can help.

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    Typically, standard 12-month lease agreements in Greater Boston and throughout Massachusetts do not have tenant termination rights or ‘assignment’ rights: legal clauses that say you can break the lease or transfer it to another person. The lease that you sign is a contract, and you are bound by the terms, as is your landlord. It is an agreement that you will remain in the unit and pay the specified rent until the end of the lease. If you fail to abide by those terms, you can still be responsible for rent until the end of the lease term.

    HOWEVER, landlords in Massachusetts are required to make reasonable efforts to find a replacement tenant, and if you can find a qualified and credit-worthy replacement for your lease and there is no ‘down-time’ in rent, most landlords will allow you to sublet or terminate the lease early.

    When you find a replacement tenant, the best thing for you as a tenant to do is assign the lease to the new tenant, rather than sublet. Why? Because yo are still liable for rent payments and damage to the apartment when you sublease. When you assign the lease, you transfer that liability wholly to the new tenant. facilitates this process by allowing you to post your apartment, set up showings, helping you find a qualified replacement tenant for your landlord. Our easy-to-use system allows you to post your apartment and easily communicate with tenants that contact you via Subleti’s e-mail forwarding system.

    When you find a replacement tenant, you can do one of two things: 1) you can work with your landlord and the tenant directly in order to finalize the process or 2) you can request that the replacement tenant click on the ‘Rent This Apartment’ button on your listing. When the Rent This Apartment feature is uses, the replacement tenant’s information will be sent to an affiliated real estate agent of ours based on the area where the apartment is located. That agent will collect a rental application, deposits, run credit reports, and then communicate with your landlord to process the transfer of the lease. Subleti encourages all users to use method #2, as it takes the burden off of you and your landlord of having to perform the ‘due diligence’ on the replacement tenant to make sure they will be a good tenant. Landlords are often not motivated to have their apartments subletted or assigned, although legally required to in MA. Using our affiliated real estate agent makes the process easier for them and increases the likelihood that you will be able to get out of your lease! The replacement tenant will be responsible for paying the agent a half-month broker fee, but there will be no fee due to the existing tenant, or the landlord.

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